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'WILSET' : The Wildlife Survey Educational Tour

A concept is being developed and launched to provide wider scope for participation of individuals from the public in a programme titled 'WILSET': The Wildlife Survey Educational Tour. For latest position about WILSET intending participants may contact Conservator of Forests / Divisional Forest Officers of respective Protected Areas. Opinions about the concept are welcome at cwlwbbsr@ori.nic.in to give it a better shape.
       The objective of the WILSET is two fold:
             a) to expose and thereby educate wildlife enthusiasts on the process, intricacies and thrills of wildlife  surveys,
             b) to share with experts their experience on wildlife surveys carried out elsewhere beyond the State.

       Attract limited number of Wildlife Enthusiasts and Experts (WILEEs) to participate in wildlife surveys being conducted every year in the State of Odisha.

            a) Selected WILEEs will be allowed to accompany survey parties and watch the entire process, take photographs and make notes. Their participation will be on the basis of the following details:

SANCTUARY and duration
No. of persons allowed.
Wildlife Census Tiger and leopard January 1st week – usually every alternate year (next due: 2006, 2008). All sanctuaries except Bhitarkanika, Gahirmatha, Nalaban. Trek Similipal: 16 Sunabeda: 8 Satkoshia: 6 Total: 30 persons two in each group.
Water fowl January; all sanctuaries and Forests Divisions Boat Chilika: 20 Bhitarkanika:10 Hirakud:10 Total 40 persons; two in each group.  
Nesting Sea Turtles January-March; Gahirmatha Beach walk on foot in night Groups of four can participate. A group can participate for two days.  
Crocodile 7 days in 1st -2nd week of January in Bhitarkanika. Boat 10 persons, one in each group  
7 days in February-March in Similipal On foot Maximum 4 persons. One person from outside to be attached to existing survey team.    
Crocodile Nests About 2 weeks in June; Bhitarkanika On foot Groups of 2 can join search parties. A group can join for two days.  
Elephant census May (next: 2005); Similipal, Kuldiha, Satkoshia, Baisipalli, Lakhari, Kotagarh, Karlapat, Chandaka, Badrama, Khalasuni On foot Total: 62 persons two in each group. Similipal (16), Kuldiha (8), Satkoshia (8), Baisipalli(6), Lakhari (4), Kotagarh(4), Karlapat(4), Chandaka(6), Badrama(4), Khalasuni(2)  
Sea Turtle hatching and release in the sea March to May; Gahirmatha Beach walk on foot in night Groups of four can participate. A group can participate for two days.  
Crocodile Husbandry Dangmal (Bhitarkanika), Ramatirtha (Similipal), Tikarpada (Satkoshia Gorge), Nandankanan A participant may remain in touch with Divisional Forest Officers, Rajnagar (for Dangmal) / Satkoshia Gorge (for Tikarpada) / Director, Nandankanan / Field Director Similipal Tiger Reserve (for Ramatirtha).    
Elephant-drive operation Forest Divisions of Baripada, Keonjhar. It may be required at any time of the year at short notice. Usually on foot. A participant may remain in touch with respective Divisional Forest Officers.    
Mangrove Patrol Bhitarkanika: November-March. On foot and boat. A participant may remain in touch with Divisional Forest Officer, Rajnagar    
Beach Patrol Gahirmatha Beach walk on foot in night Groups of four can participate. A group can participate for two days.  
Akhand Shikar Prevention 10 April-10 May; Similipal On foot patrol Groups of four can participate. A group can participate for two days.  
Python Husbandry Nandankanan A participant may contact Director, Nandankanan    
Deer Husbandry Nandankanan      
 a) The Chief Wildlife Warden(CWLW) will publicize, at an appropriate time every year, the programme and the  schedule for the next year, calling for participation of WILEEs.

 b) Such publication will be on the website of the :(i) Wildlife wing, Odisha Government, (ii) Wildlife related  organisations, and (iii) similar relevant hosts. Two national and two local dailies will also be approached.

c) WILEEs will submit their highest offer (in US dollars or Indian rupees) over E-mail to CWLW (E-mail address cwlwbbsr@ori.nic.in) by the appointed date.

d) A committee chaired by CWLW, consisting of the Financial Adviser of the Forest and Environment Department, and a Scientist of the Wildlife organisation will evaluate the offers and finalize a panel of  successful names based on the following criteria:
          (i) highest bid
         (ii) level of expertise (list of publication, membership of professional associations, experience in conducting survey and any other relevant qualification will be considered)
          (iii) level of enthusiasm (list of publications, production of documentaries, recipient of awards of journalism, photo journalism etc.

e) Provided, however, that the committee can prescribe a minimum bid amount every year.
f) The committee will also prepare a waiting list so that they can be contacted for participating at short notice due to any unforeseen drop out of selected WILEEs as per the earlier referred method.

g) Select WILEEs will be informed over E-mail by the CWLW normally by 15th October and requested to transfer 50% of their bid amount by electronic transfer, bank draft or any other mode convenient to the selected WILEEs, to Wildlife Odisha Society, office of the CWLW, Odisha, Bhubaneswar, Pin-751001 at their Account No. 0110006009 in State Bank of India / Govt. Treasury Branch, Bhubaneswar( Bank Code No. 9025) CWLW will not be responsible for non-receipt of the advance due to any transmission related problems.

h) The balance 50% is payable at the office of the CWLW prior to the trip.

i) Refund of the first deposit indicated in sub-para(g) is possible, deducting bank charges and nominal administration and loss of opportunity costs( 5% of the deposited amount) only if applied for by 30th November.

j) Waitlisted WILEEs on being intimated by 7th December can pay their bid amount at the office of the CWLW prior to the trip.

k) However, the aforesaid schedule for the initiation year 2004 will be compressed and the process of selection shortened as per the programme to be drawn up and initiated by the CWLW.


a) All WILEEs will provide an indemnity bond( in the format prescribed) absolving the organizers from any liability on account of any injury through unforeseen attacks by wild animals, death, illness or disease that might follow the tour even though the participation in the tour itself may not be attributable to such a happening.

b) WILEEs will acknowledge the Wildlife Wing of the Government of Odisha in any publication, documentation or presentation that may follow, based on the WILSET programme.

c) WILEEs will have to come prepared for the WILSET with appropriate jungle clothing (brown or camouflaged), boots, walking sticks, binoculars, cameras, torch lights etc. The organizers will only provide transportation, simple locally available food, bottled drinking water, basic accommodation in tents/boats/rest houses and first aid.

d) WILEEs will be expected to share in keeping the camp and trekking sites clean, besides following standard conservation measures. Specifically, they will have to abide by the instructions of the team leader (from the wildlife wing) regarding the provisions of the Wildlife Act and the non-destruction of wildlife and their habitats.

e) WILEEs will not be allowed to move freely during the entire trip but shall always be with the survey group.

f) No fire arms will be allowed. Jungle knives will however be allowed.

g) The funds collected in the process will be used by the Wildlife Odisha Society for conducting and improving future WILSET amenities, training of survey personnel, documentation, remuneration to local service providers, conservation and related environmental improvement. The fund receipt-and-utilization position will be displayed on the website of the wildlife organization in the first week of April every year for the previous year i.e. April to March.

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